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The most stable
country in Africa

Country of 1st category

Cabo Verde continues to serve as a model for political rights and civil liberties in Africa.
Source:Freedom House

2nd Best African governance

Source:Mo Ibrahim

2nd Most transparent African country

Source:Transparency International

3rd Freest economy of Africa

Cabo Verde's economy is ranked 3rd out of 46 countries in the Sub-Saharan African region. Its overall score continues to be much higher than the global and regional and averages TOP 20 of the world's best economic reformers over the past 20 years.

Source:Freedom House

Investing in people

This is one reason why
we have such stable results

Secondary students enrolled
Student enrollment increase since 1975
Higher education students enrolled
Higher education students studying abroad

Making Cabo Verde known for being a Nation that is:

As a result,
Cabo Verde is probably
the most welcoming
country in the Atlantic

The results are:

Cabo Verde's welcoming spirit brings tangible results for the country and foreign investors
Here are some highlights in terms of perception, economic impact and government focus:
  • 7th

    Most searched African Country in general
    Source:Digital Demand - D2©

  • 5th

    Most searched African Country for Tourism Purposes
    Source:Digital Demand - D2©

  • 4th

    Most searched African Country for the word “Visit”
    Source:Digital Demand - D2©

  • 52%

    Of investors associate Cabo Verde with the word “potential”
    Source:Bloom Consulting

  • 500%

    Growth in tourism as % of the GDP since 1998

  • 200%

    Projected Tourism increase for 2020

  • 1st

    Country in Africa for e.Governance

  • 3

    Strategic sectors. one day registration